What Racing Accessories You Can Put in Your Vehicle

When we think about putting racing or competition accessories in our vehicle, we must take into account what our final objective will be to decide and succeed with the purchase.

On the one hand, the modifications that users usually make in their vehicles are:

Suspension: as a general rule, the original Suspension that your vehicle brings leaves much to be desired about the behavior of the vehicle. Normally, it is usually a soft suspension more focused on comfort rather than performance.

For the choice of the suspension, it recommended that it be adjustable in hardness. When we change the Suspension of our vehicle, we must take into account that this is formed by two parts: the shock absorber and the spring.

competition accessories

To give a better performance to your vehicle and to improve the passes by curve, we recommend the change of the two pieces. A good option is the Bilstein suspension brand.

The best option to buy racing accessories online is the 2nd store. The second thing that users usually modify is the admission of the vehicle and the exhaust. Something that always differentiates one vehicle from another is the sound, and if you enjoy the motor world as much as we do, you need to modify both things so that your car sounds great.

– Admission: the admission of the vehicle, apart from the characteristic sound of the vehicle, can improve around three hp by changing the series filter for a racing intake filter. It is advisable in these cases to replace the original components of the vehicle with an intake kit; this kit consists of an intake hood, coupling sleeves, and the filter.

– Exhaust: another of the vehicle improvements both at the performance level and at the sound level may be the escape. We can find from merely aesthetic leaks trim, or complete lines of leaks for our vehicle. The recommended, in this case, is the quality of the materials if the complete line is in INOX.

competition accessories

Brakes: if we are going to use our vehicle to take it from time to time to a circuit, it is necessary to know that the original brakes do not support these braking requirements. We can find problems in the brake discs and in the pads of, appearing even tremors in the brake pedal that significantly affect driving, being less efficient in this case.

Therefore, we recommend replacing the brake pads and discs with ventilated and grated ones. A good brand of pads can be Ferodo; within it, we can find the Racing category that will give us greater performance in long braking.

competition accessories

Interior: when we talk about an interior, the most modified is the steering wheels and the pedals of the vehicle for competition pedals.

– The most important of the steering wheel is that it is comfortable for the driver, you choose inverted steering wheels that improve the driver’s grip.

– The pedals also play a fundamental role; choosing the right ones will make the driving of your vehicle better and more adapted to you.

And as a last resort, if you are going to do batches, we recommend a shoe adapted for this type of driving, it will make you more precise in the route of the vehicle.

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