How to Put Led Headlight in Your Car?

A high-tech automotive led bulb is comparable to a xenon bulb in terms of lumen output. From replacement, a led bulb requires much fewer changes to the original system of the car; in many cases, it is good to replace the original halogen bulbs with the led.

The big problem with xenon is the light emitted throughout the bulb, not emit from a focal point as in halogen bulbs. Hence they need to use a suitable headlight with projectors.

In the quality led bulb, the bulb emits light at the focal point of the headlight. For this reason, the led bulb emits less scatted lights in the opposite direction. So from an optical point of view, led bulbs would behave identically to a conventional bulb.

And in the case of xenon, this does not happen, and if the person continues to use the conventional headlight, other drivers will be dazzled. In the case of automotive Led bulbs, we have the possibility of a simple bulb change, unlike xenon.

car headlight

LED lights are a popular option in the aftermarket for most vehicles. It is brighter than halogen bulbs and with a much longer lifespan, using less energy. The two most common lights that converted to LED are the headlights and taillights. To do this, you must remove the headlight/taillight assembly and install the new LED sets. How to do it properly?

You will need to have the vehicle manual in hand, the appropriate tools for the headlight fixing screws, a torque wrench to apply the correct torque when fixing the LED headlights with h11 led bulb.

– First, turn off the vehicle’s engine and open the hood. Disconnect the wiring harness from the rear of the headlight assembly. Some vehicles require you to remove a rubber seal or cover to gain access to the connector.

– Remove the screws securing the assembly to the engine compartment. Most vehicles have screws that can remove with a Phillips screwdriver, but others have screws that need to remove with a different key, such as a hexagon. Pull the assembly out of the engine compartment.

– Install the LED headlight assembly and reinstall the fasteners. Replace the connector belt and the rubber seal/cover, if necessary. Repeat with the other headlight assembly and close the hood.

– After the process finished, it is interesting to take a bucket of water and play next to the headlight housing to check if the fence is working correctly. If you see that water has entered the seal, open it again, dry where it was wet, and see where it did not seal well. Test again and if necessary.

car headlight

How to put LED rear lights in your car?

Turn off the vehicle’s engine and open the trunk. Remove the two screws or bolts that secure the rear light cover to the trunk and remove the cover. Disconnect wiring harness from the rear light and remove it from the vehicle. Install the LED replacement assembly and connect the connectors, replacing the cover and screws. Repeat with the other taillight assembly and close the hood. For taillights, external water testing is necessary to check the seal.

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