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Renault Assistance

Wherever You Are, Renault Is Not Too Far

If you ever need assistance, our experts have a solution for every situation.

CALL 1800 300 44444

Your Renault has been engineered to the highest standard to provide you safe and reliable motoring. However, on the road, driving hazards and motoring problems can occur. Renault Assistance aims to provide you with peace of mind motoring.

All you need to do is call Renault Assistance toll free number 1800 300 44444. Our Renault Assistance Consultant will be happy to assist you. Assistance is available in major regional languages.

Scope Of Services

  • Free Towing: In the event of vehicle immobilization, towing assistance to the nearest Renault authorized dealer

  • Emergency fuel assistance: 5 litre free fuel subject to one assistance per year

  • Cab Assistance: If your vehicle is recovered to a dealer by Renault Roadside Assistance, the driver and passengers will be provided with one free cab ride, up to 50km from the breakdown location, to facilitate you to continue your onward journey.

  • Battery jumpstarting / replacement in run down battery

  • Flat tire assistance using spare wheel

  • First hand assistance of technical problem over phone

Renault Roadside Assistance

What We Need To Help You

With the right information, we can help you faster.

Before calling Renault Assistance, please make sure that you have the following details ready:

  •  Registration number / VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your vehicle (Refer to badge on rear right door frame & is visible on opening the door)
  •  Your name
  •  Your address
  •  A contact telephone number
  •  Model and colour of your vehicle
  •  Nature of breakdown
  •  Your exact location with landmark

If you believe you are in a vulnerable or dangerous situation, please make this clear at the time of your call. After making your call, return to a safe place near your vehicle. If the problem resolves itself before the assistance arrives, please call and let us know.

Other Services, Terms & Conditions

A Step Further

Other Services:

  •  Food, water & first aid as per the situation.
  •  Dealer Locator
  •  Route guidance
  •  Urgent message relay to friend and family
  •  Vehicle repatriation

Terms & Conditions:

  •  This service is applicable for the basic Renault warranty period of your vehicle.
  •  In the event of vehicle immobilization or vehicle not in mobile condition at the roadside, free towing to the nearest Renault authorized dealer.
  •  Cost of repairs made to your vehicle is not included, unless it is covered under Renault Warranty.
  •  In case of an accident, cost of towing the vehicle has to borne by the customer.

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